About Me

Hi! I’m Christina

Life Coach for Teens & Young Adults

Teacher. Tutor. Mentor. Cultivator.

I’ve worked with young people since 1997, teaching, tutoring, and mentoring them in various capacities as they navigate their adolescent years.

Too often, teenagers are left to fend for themselves, getting a bad rap because they ‘have attitude problems’ or are considered old enough ‘to know better.’ No one ever wants to deal with or work with them.

But God gave ME a heart for the teens of the world. In 2012, I realized I wanted a more strategic way to positively impact them, pour into their heart, mind and spirit before they got to college and were ‘on their own.’  I decided to start with the classroom, and began teaching math in the high school setting.

From Joy to Heartbreak.

And it was AMAZING!

Being able to help my students overcome their challenges with math, and get them to a place where they could persevere through a variety of problems was awesome!! I loved seeing the light bulbs go off and hearing kids who came in hating and despairing in math have those “YEEEEESSS!” moments.

However, within the school system, the structures necessary to adequately support students needing more individualized or targeted guidance and coaching is inconsistent and insufficient.

Those students would inevitably be the kids who had to retake courses, resit exams multiple times, and have uncomfortable conversations with their families over grades. They would be the kids whose already questionable levels of self-esteem and self-confidence would begin to plummet.

This grew increasingly heartbreaking and frustrating.

An Exit. An Entrance. An Evolution.

I had started teaching as a way to empower the youth. But I began to realize, the classroom was no longer my venue for that. Eventually, with health issues and the need to be present for my family as catalysts, I took a bold leap of faith.

After 6 years in the classroom, I resigned.

I resigned and started my own business to help kids on terms I could better control.

Now, I truly get to cultivate empowerment in the world’s youth, and I get to do it in 2 ways:

  1. Through 1-on-1 math coaching sessions, I help students realize and capitalize on their potential to succeed in learning and doing math.
  1. Through life coaching sessions and empowerment workshops, I help young people realize and capitalize on their potential to succeed in learning and doing life.


What do you need?

If hope and empowerment is something you need in your child’s life, I’d love to hear about it!

Schedule a discovery call; let’s talk about it!