• Properly navigated stress
  • Decreased frustrations
  • Increased confidence
  • Perseverance to conquer their fears, to take appropriate risks
  • Persistence in learning, growing, and achieving 

 It is possible. There is hope.

Everyone struggles at times. Everyone has obstacles on their life’s journey. But our youth have so much more to overcome when you factor in hormones, social media, peer influences and expectations, academics, parental expectations, MATH! Yet they still have goals and dreams for their lives, for which these things often get in the way.

Empowering youth

Does this sound true for your teen?

Do they seem overly stressed out, frustrated? Are they struggling? In math…in school…in LIFE?

Afraid of not graduating or advancing on to the next grade or course? Afraid of stepping out and pursuing their goals and dreams…or even just setting them? Are they losing confidence in themselves…or have they lost it already?

Are you feeling helpless or in any way struggling to support your child??

There IS hope, and I’d love to help!

Hi there!

I’m Christina Alliance,

Life Coach for Teens and Young adults.

I like to think of myself as a Youth Empowerment Cultivator, partnering with families to help their teenagers and young adults progress in school, sports and life.

I come alongside you, work with you, and support you and your child to increase certainty, enhance connections, and bolster community…thereby strengthening their confidence.

Stronger confidence leads to empowered teens that are resilient, perseverant, and persistent in learning, growing, achieving, and succeeding in their goals, dreams, and lives.

I also provide academic support in math, as an additional service to my coaching program.

Whatever the situation is, if hope and empowerment is something you need in your child’s life, I’d love to hear about it!

Let’s connect!